Learn how to properly manage your real estate leads so that you can explode your house flipping business. Remember the money is in the follow up so create your investment leads like GOLD and follow up relentlessly and setup a lead management system.


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Free Podio Customer relationship management software:

Podio: Everyone is switching to Podio to manage their leads. Why? Because it’s incredibly easy to use and you can customize for your specific needs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Podio to keep track of your leads because it makes follow up easy and the money is in the follow up. Also, you can easily communicate with your team and make sure that no leads are being left behind. Click here to get started with Podio and maximize your leads.

Vumber Phone System:

Vumber: This is the phone system that I talk about in the show. You can get it here.

How to link Podio with Vumber:


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Investor Resources that I use and Trust:  Investor Resources


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