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SOHF 007: Photographing a Property for Top Dollar

Learn the importance of taking great pictures of your properties as a real estate investor ESPECIALLY if the property is in poor shape. Bad pictures are good for buyers and bad for sellers so if you have a property or contract to sell, follow the tips in this episode to maximize your profit and get top dollar using great pictures!


SOHF 005: Analyzing Properties to Determine the After Repair Value

Learn how I analyze properties to determine the after repaired value (ARV) so that you can be competitive while negotiating with sellers without offering too much. Once you determine the ARV you can then work backwards and subtract costs such as: Needed repairs, closing costs, holding costs, money costs and your needed profit. Note that the ARV minus your costs and needed profit = your maximum possible offer.


SOHF 001: Build an Automated Cash Buyers List | Real Estate Investing

Learn how to maximize every lead by building an automated cash buyers List! Steven has built up a healthy list of real estate investors who are ready to quickly buy houses and he shares how he did it in this episode. The best part is that his buyers list is now building itself and he gets fresh buyers everyday without having to promote it! Also, Steven's wholesale fees have been about $5k more per deal now that he has so many HUNGRY buyers… you can build a cash buyers list like this too!


SOHF 000: Welcome to the School of House Flipping Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of the School of House Flipping podcast! My name is Steven Williams and I will be teaching you all the secretes to house flipping that I have learned over the last two years as a full time Real Estate investor! In this episode I share how real estate investing has changed my life and how it all began…


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